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Our services are broken in to three key categories; Training, Support and Consulting. Training is here to help you and your technology work together to make you and your business more efficient. Support is for when your technology fails or Preventative care to keep your technology running smoothly. Consulting is for when you are unsure which piece of technology will do. Why get a laptop when a tablet will do? Will this PC on special work for me or is it a waste of money?



Your technology will not make you more efficient unless you know how to use it.

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Everyone has technology, now you have someone to fix it.

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Upgrading your technology is now as simple as just a phone call.

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How We Do It

We are one call away. Simply contact us and we will get you and your technology back up and running! Other companies may have you wait on hold with a phone representative or dispatcher and then fill forms and wait to hear back to get help, not with Better Call I.T.!

We Are Different

Better Call I.T. is based on the premise of helping you work with your technology as well as helping your technology work for you. We offer all of our services at a per-hour flat rate to give you, our customer, the flexibility to use any and all of our services without package-based roadblocks.


"Ross has been my I.T. support for a couple of years. He's been extremely efficient when troubleshooting or providing I.T. support which translates into savings for me as a small business owner."

Pat Martinez
CEO / Leadership Strategist
Leadership in the Clouds ™

"Ross is our go-to for I.T. support. Not only is he an expert and incredibly experienced in his field, he’s easy to work with and always solves the problem in a professional, timely manner. We would, and do, gladly recommend Ross and Better Call I.T. to anyone and everyone."

Stephanie Auville
CGR Creative

"Ross is the ultimate I.T. professional. He does not only understand the subject matter well but also has a natural ability to teach. His work is creative and interesting. When I have any kind of computer trouble (software or hardware) he is my one stop shopping for solutions."

Natan Feldman
Natan Feldman & Associates